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Each of us has a story made up of moments in time that when woven together, tell a unique story. Pamela Keach Photography  captures forever those special, and sometimes ordinary, moments of your story. Captured forever because photographs help us remember what time fades. 

In college, I was a journalism major and began my writing/photography career in print (newspapers and trade magazines). But with the demands of family and work, I was busy creating chapters in my own story - leaving little time to tell someone else's story...until now! With our kids successfully launched, we have time to return to capturing moments and telling our story along the way. "We" is my husband Wade, also known as my "tripod sherpa", "spotter", and "photographer's assistant". "We" also includes our 4-footed sidekick, Archie. Yup, we're those people who take their dog everywhere they can. He's a rescue pup and the name, Archie, well it came with him and it just fit. 

Wade and I still work full time and schedule photo sessions on weekends and evenings (summer only). Our rates are $50/hour for the photo session. Most sessions can be completed in an hour, but multiple poses or settings or people may bump it to 2 hours. We don't charge for editing or post processing, mainly because we want you to be as happy with the story the pictures tells as we are. It really is amazing how much a little editing can improve that perfect SOC shot (Straight Out of Camera). About a week after the session, I'll send you digital files for web posting or high resolution files for print reproductions.

Check out Pages from Our Story for memorable moments "Inside the photo shoot" or follow Archie in "Archie's adventures".


To schedule a session,call, text, or e-mail:

916.996.6031               keachpam@gmail.com


Photography team: Pam, Wade, and Archie

Pages from Our Story

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